A change to see our products in action

The CableSafe team went for a photoshoot to the Rotterdam port last week. This is just one of the many places where our products are being used. With its vast industrial site, huge ships and beautiful water view, Rotterdam port is a great place to showcase our products. We were at a Construction plant specifically created for trainings. Many companies create these kinds of spaces to train construction workers on safety, forklift license etc.

Cable Safety

We photographed about 5 products for the categories of Cable Safety, Dropped Objects Prevention and Confined Space Safety. The first product we photographed is our infamous cable hooks. Our Safety hooks are the leading products in cable safety, simple yet effective. Our Cable Hooks are used for cable management, to work in an organized fashion and minimizing injuries by preventing trips and can hold a lot of weight.These hooks are used in various settings: Oil & Gas, refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, electrical and nuclear installations, Offshore, maritime and entertainment industries, to just name a few. Although the yellow cable hooks are the most popular, due to yellow being the international safety colour, our hooks are available in an array of different colours. Whether you need blue, green or glow in the dark; we got you covered.

Cable bridge

The second one up in the photoshoot was the cable bridge. This Heavy Duty Cable Bridge is an alternative for cable guards and can hold up to 1000kg. The beauty of the cable bridge is that the cables are managed on the bridge, as opposed to on the floor like the Cable Guards. This was the cables routed on the walkway are eliminated, meaning there is less need for cable guards on the floor. The cable bridge has also been designed in a way such that any small vehicles such as bikes, pallet wagons and forklifts can pass through safely. This bright yellow cable bridge can be spotted from a mile away and helps to save a lot of time for setting up especially for temporary measures.

Dropped Objects prevention

The next item of attention during the photoshoot was one of our brand new products that deserved a spotlight. The injuries or consequences of dropped objects can be immense and even lethal. That is why with the right tools, prevention methods and training, this kind of risk can be minimized. The Dropped Objects Guard is made from high quality coated polyester mesh fabric. Whether you are working from high up and want to prevent dropped objects, or constantly switching floors with equipment and want to prevent falling in that respect, the Dropped Objects Guard has got it covered.

Here is the first ever sneak peek of our Dropped Objects Guard:

Confined Space Safety

Another highlight of the photoshoot is our other new product; Tripod Barrier. You may already be familiar with our other confined space signs such as the Entry Barrier or the Skirt Barrier. Just like these, the Tripod Barrier is meant to warn people that there is no entry beyond that point. However, what makes this sign so handy is that aside from it being extendable on two sides, the middle point can also be adjusted and extended to fit the desired hole. This item is useful for holes or entries of confined spaces that may have an irregular shape and can thus accommodate the need to warn accordingly.

Talking about manholes, there are many ways to warn people of the dangers beyond a certain point. One solution that can be used for various manhole sizes and shapes is the Cover Net. This is made of a mesh material with elastic on the sides so it can easily be put around the manhole and so that it stays put. This product would also be great if you need a quick solution or are unsure whether the other warning barriers and signs would fit. When safety is in question, there are never enough options.

Here is a picture of our Cover Net:

Last, but not least in the category of safety signs that are easy to use and attach, we have our Confined Space Safety Sign. Though it may look like a simple sign, this one is special in that it is extendable and attachable to numerous places, even ones that are misshapen or do not have hooks etc. You can simply stretch the elastic ropes and tie it around the object(s) to ensure that people are warned not to go beyond that point. Safety measures should not be taken lightly, we hope that these measures are implemented seriously, and we hope to achieve this one sign at a time.

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