Our Fall Protection solutions prevent falls and protect workers and tools

Ensuring the safety of workers in high-risk environments is paramount, and our Fall Protection solutions are designed to prevent falls and protect both workers and tools. Our comprehensive range of fall protection systems is tailored to meet the needs of various industries, providing reliable and effective safety measures.

Dropped Objects Prevention

Fall Protection Harnesses & Accessories

Dropped Objects Prevention

Fall Protection Safety Net

Dropped Objects Prevention

Self-Closing Safety Gate


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What is fall protection used for?

Fall protection is used to prevent falls and protect workers who are working at heights or in high-risk environments. It includes various safety systems and equipment, such as harnesses, lanyards, anchor points, guardrails, and netting, which help secure workers and prevent them from falling. Fall protection is essential for maintaining safety on construction sites, in industrial settings, and in any work environment where there is a risk of falling from an elevated position.

What does fall protection mean?

Fall protection refers to the practices, systems, and equipment designed to prevent falls and reduce the risk of injury for workers operating at heights or in dangerous environments. It encompasses a range of safety measures, including personal protective equipment (PPE) like harnesses and lanyards, structural safeguards such as guardrails and netting, and procedural controls to ensure safe working conditions. Fall protection aims to safeguard workers and ensure compliance with occupational safety regulations.


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