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Safety Hooks are the tool to suspend cables, hoses and other work gear of the work floor during maintenance and/or installation works, which prevents slip, trip and fall accidents

CableSafe Safety Hooks, or cable rail solutions, have been specifically designed to hoist cables off the work floor to aid with safety practices in the work place. They help in creating an organized work space and prevent injuries that are caused by tripping on loose cables. Though our signature hooks are yellow which is the official color of safety, they come in an array of colors and can also be customized according to your needs. They can be used as cable safety hooks in various industries; oil & gas, refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, electrical and nuclear installations, offshore, maritime and entertainment industries and many more.

Cable safety hooks, also known as railling cables, can be used for many different cables and do not conduct electricity or heat, and are the strongest safety hooks on the market. These cable safety hooks are high quality, made from a special blend raw material from glass reinforced polyester.

We offer different sizes according to the type of safety hook you may need. Our smallest cable safety hooks are 6 inches. Though these may seem small, they make up for size in the weight that they can hold. These safety hooks can hold up to 40kg static load. Our second smallest hooks are 9 inches which can hold 55kg of static load. We also offer 12 inch safety hooks that can hold 190 kg of static load. Lastly, the largest safety hook we offer are 15 inches. These hooks can hold 265kg of static load, which shows that we do not joke around when it comes to sturdy and reliable.

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Safety Hook

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A list of all our safety hook products.

Aside from our regular cable safety hook, we have the safety hook extreme. These safety hooks are designed for use in extreme environments, as the name suggests. The extreme hooks are UV stabilized, Flame Retardant and Cold Weather Rated. Whether you need to use these safety hooks in the scorching heat or freezing cold, our safety hooks have got your covered.

Our durable cable safety hook can be customized. It is possible to engrave the safety hook or request it in a special color. We will provide you with superior quality safety hooks that can last well over 15 years with normal use. These cable safety hooks can be used anywhere, whether in  construction or housekeeping. They are efficient and easy to use, they can also be easily secured with tie wraps for multiple use. Talking about multipurpose, we also offer glow-in-the-dark safety hooks, which can help during power black-outs or emergency situations.

Our CableSafe Safety Hooks Extreme are designed according to 3 different standards. The British standard, which states that it requires cables to be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire. The OSHA standard claims that fire safety should be everyone’s job at the worksite. The third standard, CPR makes it obligatory  to classify cables according to fire behavior in order to utilize them in buildings in Europe. Our CableSafe Safety Hooks do not catch you fall, but prevent it from happening.

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