Construction and Maintenance

Construction and maintenance operations call for the use of industrial safety products that are not necessarily used every day on industrial sites. CableSafe has a wide range of industrial protection products specifically aimed at simplifying and streamlining industrial construction and maintenance procedures and improving safety on site. Here, some of the main requirements are ease of use and installation, since time is often limited during these operations. The equipment used should also be durable and reusable, since it will most likely be used repeatedly in harsh environments.

Safety Hooks

Safety hooks are used to suspend cables and hoses off the floor during industrial construction and maintenance procedures. These eliminate the tripping and falling hazard associated with routing cables along walkways and other pedestrian and vehicle crossings. This is a safer and more reliable alternative to the traditional tie wraps and welding anodes commonly used to suspend cables and hoses. These safety hooks are also used in the entertainment industry for cable management.

Confined Space Safety

Confined space safety encompasses a wide range of industrial safety products, including entry protection, barriers, manhole covers, cover netting and signage. All of these are used to protect personnel working on site, eliminating the risk of accidentally and unknowingly entering a confined space or any other section that should be off limits.

Dropped Object Prevention

Dropped objects are one of the most frequently cited causes of injuries in industrial settings. This risk is especially high during construction and maintenance procedures, since nuts, bolts, tools and other equipment parts are being moved and assembles.

CableSafe offers a range of industrial protection products specifically aimed at dropped object prevention when working at heights. These include nets, guards, work mats, toolboxes and fast deployable net barriers. All of these are easy to use, simple to install and uninstall and durable, offering peace of mind to all personnel and site visitors.

CableSafe Products are Widely Used

Various industries rely on CableSafe products, especially industrial construction and maintenance services. CableSafe products are specified for use by multinationals across many industries, including refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding and electrical and nuclear installations. Here, these industrial protection products are used to improve workplace safety, saving lives in the process.

All CableSafe products are safety yellow for increased visibility, adding to the high safety rating guaranteed with these products. These products are also durable, UV and chemically resistant and non-conductive, making them ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

In Closing

CableSafe products are widely used during construction and maintenance procedures across many industries. They are serious about workplace safety and work ceaselessly to deliver high quality products that improve workplace safety and worker experience on your worksites.