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Safety Hooks, Cable Safety, Confined Space Safety & Dropped Objects Prevention

Safety Hooks

Our Safety Hooks are used during maintenance, turnaround, outages, shutdowns, construction work to suspend hoses, cables and work gear off the work floor. Implementing the use of safety hooks helps mitigate the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents.


Cable Safety

Ensure all cables, wires, hoses etc. are suspended off the ground especially in high traffic work areas such as production floors, machinery spaces and deck level areas where maintenance is being carried out.


Dropped Objects Prevention

Mitigating dropped object hazards and risks are important part of any safety program. Dropped object prevention is not just about tethering tools or securing objects at height, a holistic approach through training and awareness contributes to a safer working environment.


Confined Space Safety

Confined space entry hazards poses severe risk for employees. Unauthorized confined space entries are often deadly and can be prevented by implementing confined space safety systems.


Protection equipment

Each year over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributable to work-related falls. According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of deaths in the workplace. In addition to permanent injuries and lost lives caused by falls, businesses lose billions of dollars each year from significant increases in insurance premiums, workers’ compensation claims, product liability costs, and other related expenses.

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Industries we serve

Building an enduring safety culture can be the most cost-effective and proven accident prevention process in any organization. Creating, promoting and internalizing this culture is the most successful way to minimize costly injuries and maintain a safer, more productive and engaged workforce.

Construction and maintenance, Oil Well/Oilfield Companies, Petrochemical Companies and Oil Refineries, Mining, Manufacturing
Construction, Electrical Contractors, Storage and Warehousing

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designed for use in extreme environments


Safety Hook Extreme designed for use in extreme environments. The Extreme Hook is UV stabilized, Flame Retardant and Cold Weather Rated.

Simplicity in safety

What we stand for

We are a family owned specialized engineering company. Consisting of a group of engineers with a combined 40+ years of operational experience.

Practical Solutions

Dropped Objects Prevention

Safety Net Fit-to-size

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Work Mat

Confined Space Safety

Manhole Entry Barrier

Cable Safety

Cable Guards

Confined Space Safety

Heavy Duty Barrier

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mat

Confined Space Safety

Manhole Skirt Barrier

Dropped Objects Prevention

Self-Closing Safety Gate

About us

About our company

CableSafe® is part of Westmark Group, a specialized engineering company. Our company consists of a group of Engineers with 40+ years of hands-on operational experience in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Construction and Power Generation industry. We manufacture most of  our safety products ourselves in the EU and some in North America, guaranteeting reliability and quality. Westmark started in 1991 as a manufacturer of CableSafe Safety Hooks, our flagship product which became a standard in cable safety and cable management in different industries worldwide. We specialize in Cable Safety, Cable Management, Confined Space Safety and Dropped Objects Prevention.

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More than 40 year experience in industry

Our team has made it easier for you. We’ve put together a helpful handbook with all you need to know about the usage of our products, from datasheets to frequently asked questions!


Tool lanyards and tethers safety

Workers can suffer from small bruises, strains, and sprains when hit by falling objects, along with serious injuries such as fractures, concussions, psychological trauma, or other death-causing injuries. To avoid such occurrences…

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The Best Industrial Safety Products for PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protects the user from health or safety hazards at work. Right PPE can help protect against unwanted noise, airborne dust, sharp objects, chemical spills and other safety hazards at the workplace.

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5 tips to prevent fall accidents

fall prevention has been substantial area of concern, slip-and-fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury at workplace. As trip and fall prevention sustains to be a challenge itself, here are some simple tips to prevent fall accidents.

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Construction and maintenance

Construction and maintenance operations call for the use of industrial safety products that are not necessarily used every day on industrial sites.


Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors enter new worksites nearly daily. These worksites are ever changing, necessitating the constant routing and rerouting of electrical cables and hoses of various sizes.



Manufacturing safety products vary as widely as the industry. In order to keep your employees safe, manufacturing supplies must be sourced from trusted, reputable sources.


Marine and offshore

In marine and offshore, people tend to work in small workspaces on water. Especially there a safe work environment is crucial.



The mining industry is notorious for extreme workplace hazards. For this reason, innovations in mine safety are of the utmost importance. 


Oil Well/Oilfield Companies

Facilities in the oil and gas industry are notorious for potential workplace hazards. For this reason, there is a large demand for safety equipment.


Petrochemical Companies and Oil Refineries

Petrochemical companies are large multinationals with extremely rigorous safety standards, as instituted by law in most countries.


Storage and Warehousing

Warehousing and other storage solutions operate under tightly controlled conditions out of necessity. Here, moving vehicles andpedestrian trafficcreate a potential safety nightmare.



Renewables Industry is fastest growing energy sector in many developed and developing countries.


Power generation

Power Generation Industry refers to the facilities that generate electricity from
sources like coal, natural gas, solar, wind and nuclear energy.