Safety Hook Extreme


CableSafe Safety Hooks Extreme are used in cable management while conducting maintenance, turnarounds, construction works and industrial works.

The Safety Hook is used as safety product to suspend cables and hoses off the work floor. Employees and contractors use Safety Hooks Extreme to keep the work floor tidy. Safety Hooks Extreme are common used and often prescribed in heavy industries such as: oil & gas, refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, electrical and nuclear installations, offshore, maritime and entertainment industries.

Multinationals prescribe the use of CableSafe Safety Hooks in company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.

Cablesafe safety hooks are essential in good cable management because they secure cables in place, preventing tripping hazards and reducing the risk of electrical accidents. These hooks keep cables organized and neatly arranged, making it easier to identify and trace cables, which can save time and effort during maintenance and repair work.

Safety Hook Extreme

While our Safety Hook is a high quality product, CableSafe’s engineering team found a way to improve it. That is why we are proud to introduce our new Safety Hook: the Safety Hook Extreme. The development of this Safety Hook Extreme is done in cooperation with a Norwegian oil & gas multinational. The Safety Hook Extreme is manufactured with glass reinforced PBT and is UV stabilized, Flame Retardant (class: 94V-0, Flame Class Rating 3) and Cold Weather rated.

British Standard
British Standard recently adopted the Requirements for Electrical Installations [BS7671:2018] for the electrical design industry. This standard is developed after the death of two firefighters at Harrow Court, Hertfordshire, in 2005. The two firefighters got entangled as a result of the collapse of an electrical installation during a fire. The implemented standard states that it requires cables to be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire. Installations designs from 2019 onwards have to comply with this new standard. This has implications for personnel involved with design, erection and verification of electrical installations. Our Safety Hook Extreme is developed with this standard in mind.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. OSHA claims that fire safety must be everyone’s job at a worksite. Employers should train workers about fire hazards in the workplace and on what to do in a fire emergency [OSHA Part 1926.150, Subpart F]. During a fire hazard it is of vital importance to suspend cables and hoses of the work floor to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents. That is why we made our Safety Hook Extreme flame retardant.

In the European Union (EU), the product ‘cable’ was added to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) in 2017. Thereby, creating an obligation to classify cables according to fire behaviour in order to be able to market them in Europe for use in buildings [NEN8012:2015]. The EU recognizes the danger of fire due to unsafe cables. Cables must be flame retardant, so should Safety Hooks be.

Different sizes

The CableSafe Safety Hook Extreme is available in 4 sizes:

  • 6 inch which holds 40 kg static load
  • 9 inch which holds 55 kg static load
  • 12 inch which holds 190 kg static load
  • 15 inch which holds 265 kg static load

The CableSafe® Safety Hook Extreme is available in different colours. The standard plastic S hook color is yellow, as this is often used in safety equipment. Alternatively the CableSafe® Safety Hooks Extreme could be provided in glow-in-the-dark or black color.

Safety Hook Extreme Glow-in-the-Dark proven design helps during power black-outs or emergency situations.
Safety Hook Extreme Black is designed for the entertainment industries, used in: film studio’s, concerts, festivals.


  • Superior quality and last well over 15 years in normal use
  • Plastic S-hooks are easy to use, cables and wires are cleared quickly
  • Helps with cable management and housekeeping
  • S-hooks do not conduct electricity or heat
  • A tidy work floor improves the professional image of your company
  • A tidy work floor is good practice for the internal safety culture
  • Reduction of slips, trips and falls accidents
  • Rental available

All our CableSafe® Safety Hooks have a 3 year warranty

Optional in different colours

Our Safety hooks are the leading products in cable safety, simple yet effective. Our cable hooks are used for cable management, to work in an organized fashion and minimizing injuries by preventing trips and can hold a lot of weight. These hooks are used in various settings: oil & gas, refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, electrical and nuclear installations, offshore, maritime and entertainment industries, to just name a few. Although the yellow cable hooks are the most popular, due to yellow being the international safety colour, our hooks are available in an array of different colours. Whether you need blue, green or glow in the dark; we got you covered.

Safety Hook Black

CableSafe® Safety Hook Black is designed for the entertainment industries, used in: film studio’s, concerts and festivals. The Safety Hook Black can be used for cable management around touring dimmer racks or storing cable and rope on meat racks, cages, battens, fences, truss, catwalks or anywhere else you need to securely store coiled goods. Feeder cable, automation bundles, and multi-cable can be easily strung along battens, catwalks, and truss for stage crossovers and supplying mid-stage drop locations. Adding and removing cables becomes much quicker with Cable Hooks and individual runs become easier to trace while troubleshooting.

Safe Cable Management for entertainment or backstage

Eco friendly production

We recognize our responsibility to help protect the planet. We are committed to minimize the impact our company has on the environment and support those who are working to improve global environmental sustainability. This policy sets out the steps we take to reduce the environmental impact on the production of our Safety Hooks;

  1. We are participant in Operation Cleansweep (prevention and cleaning up of plastic litter in and around the factories).
  2. The implementation of a MES system (optimal process, and monitoring unnecessary downtime).
  3. We use cooling water for oil machines: cooling back with free cooling.
  4. We optimize our business processes with, for example, pedigree charts and test sprayers to prevent failure.
  5. We always use standard procedures for wasting materials (everything is recycled). No plastic goes to the waste processor.
  6. All production halls are equipped with LED lighting.
  7. We use special electrical machines that consume less power than other variants.
  8. Most of our technical materials have to be pre-dried before processing. We use energy-saving material dryers.

To achieve this, we aim to minimise waste by reducing consumption and developing effective waste management and recycling procedures. Nice detail: The material that was previously (about 8 years ago) used for the hooks is now also available in a Bio mass variant.

Used by



We get a lot of questions regarding our products. Here you can read more about our most popular product, the Safety Hook and its differences between other hooks. What is Safety Hook? When one thinks of a safety hook, a lot of things come to mind such as Gunnebo hooks, rescue hooks or pool safety hooks. Our Safety Hooks on the other hand allow for a much tidier work area, as the cables, hoses or other work gears are organized in an orderly fashion and tucked safely out of the way. They are of high quality, made with special blend raw material from glass reinforced polyester.  While hooks such as rescue hooks or electrical rescue hooks have the main purpose of rescue, our safety hooks have the purpose of keeping the workplace organized and preventing any accidents that may occur due to loose cables.  Our S-shaped Safety Hooks do not conduct heat or electricity which makes them ideal for use in various industries such as shipbuilding, aviation, warehousing and logistics. What is a Rescue Hook used for? Rescue hooks generally refer to electrical rescue hooks, pool hooks and hooks to retrieve someone from a manhole. Electrical safety rescue hooks or electrical shepherd hooks are used when pulling a shock victim away from an electrical source to protect the retriever from getting shocked. A pool hook is used to protect swimmers who may be in danger by retrieving them when they are too far from the edge of the pool. A safety rescue hook may be used to retrieve someone from a manhole or other confined spaces without an exit. Our Safety Hooks are made to be sturdy, prevent incidents and are the strongest safety hooks on the market. What are Cable Hooks? Cable hooks are used to suspend, retain and support all sorts of cables, namely: electrical cables, welding cables, hoses, extension cords and much more. We as CableSafe are a pioneer in the field of cable safety and cable management. Our hooks can be used during maintenance, turnaround, outages, shutdowns, construction work to suspend cables and hoses and other work gear from the workfloor. This allows for safer passage and prevents slips, trips and falls.



Cablesafe® products are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.

Safety Hook Extreme designed for use in extreme environments. The extreme Hook is UV stabilized, Flame Retardant and Cold Weather Rated.

The CableSafe® Safety Hooks Extreme are used during maintenance, turnaround, outages, shutdowns, construction work as solution to suspend temporarily or permanently suspend hoses, cables and work gear off the work floor to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents.

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