Oil Well Oilfield Companies

Facilities in the oil and gas industry are notorious for potential workplace hazards. For this reason, there is a large demand for safety equipment for oil and gas industry. When it comes to safety critical equipment oil and gas facilities include far more than standard personal protective equipment (PPE) – the entire workplace is fraught with potential hazards which must be eliminated or managed. CableSafe has a wide range of products aimed specifically at this market.

Dropped Object Prevention

Oil well safety equipment necessarily includes products for working at heights, since this is a common occurrence on site. Statistically, a large portion of injuries on oil wells are caused by dropped objects or otherwise related to working at heights. Products offered by CableSafe include prevention guard nets, guards, work mats, safety nets, self-closing safety gates, toe boards, tethered tool kits and tools, sharp edge protection and harmonica barriers among others. These are all easy to install and uninstall and have been successfully tested in harsh environments across various industries. As an added bonus, they are able to resist extreme temperatures (both high and low) as well.

Confined Space Safety

The working environment in oil and gas facilities often includes working in confined spaces. CableSafe offers equipment to increase worker safety under these circumstances as well. Entry protection, heavy and light duty barriers, manhole covers, cover nets, safety signage and entry systems are just some of the products available from this trusted supplier. As with all other CableSafe products, these products are easy to use, durable and UV and chemically resistant. This renders them ideal for use as oil and gas safety equipment.

Cable Safety

On oil and gas facilities, a wide range of cables and hoses must be routed all across the plant. CableSafe offers innovative cable safety solutions for all permanent and temporary cable and hose installations. These include durable and reusable cable guards, rails, bridges and stands, which are all of the highest quality. If needed, these products can be customized to a client’s specific needs.

CableSafe Products Are Widely Used

CableSafe safety products are specified for use on site by a multinationals across various industries, including refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding and electrical and nuclear installations. Their products are of the highest quality. These durable products are chemically and UV resistant and, where applicable, manufactured from non-conductive high strength polymers. This is of the utmost importance for oil and gas safety equipment, since the environment here tends to be harsh.

In Closing

CableSafe are market leaders in oil well safety equipment. They are as serious about safety in your workplace as you are. Visit their website today for more information on the oil and gas safety equipment on offer.