CableSafe is a specialized engineering company, part of Westmark BV. Our company consists of a group of Engineers with 40+ years of hands-on operational experience in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Construction and Power Generation industry. We specialize in Cable Safety, Cable Management, Confined Space Safety and Dropped Objects Prevention. As a family business, we take pride in our in-house engineering capabilities and manufacturing. Hence, we manufacture most of our products in the EU and North America only, guaranteeing top notch quality, performance and reliability.


Social Return is extremely important to our company. We try to do this by seeing what actions need to be taken to lower our impact on the environment.

Social Return is an important aspect for Westmark. This is how the production of our safety products is done as much as possible in sheltered workshops and prisons. These places are mainly staffed by skilled professionals with a disability or distance from the labor market.

We want to give people with a distance to the labor market a chance to reintegrate into our society, and to upgrade them in a creative way. This gives an ex-prisoner a high chance of reintegration and a small chance of recidivism.

We try to be as conscious of our impact on the environment as much as possible. This is why we have regular sessions with our raw material suppliers regarding sustainability and what more actions we can take. We use LED-lighting during the production of our Safety Hooks. Besides that, we cool down the machines in an efficient way, trying to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum.

Our manhole barriers, manhole skirt barriers and light duty barriers are made in safe workplaces by people who cannot find a job in the labor market. We offer various learning tracks which are in line with the demands in the labor market. By guiding and accompanying them, we hope to have an impact on these people’s lives and help them to realize their potential.

In our learning tracks, you can find people of all different experiences, ages, ethnicities, characters, dreams and hobbies. These exact differences and talents are what makes us all connected.

We want to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate as a member of society.