Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors enter new worksites nearly daily. These worksites are ever changing, necessitating the constant routing and rerouting of electrical cables and sometimes also hoses of various sizes. CableSafe offers innovative solutions for electrical safety equipment, specifically in terms of cable safety and safety hooks.

S Shaped Safety Hooks

S shaped safety hooks, or S hooks, are CableSafe’s innovative cable suspension alternative to the traditional welding anodes and wire wraps. Here, cables and hoses of various sizes can be easily and safely suspended, both temporarily and long term. These hooks are durable and non-conductive, ideal for electrical contractors supplies. Safety hooks are manufactured in standard safety yellow for increased visibility, but can also be branded and made in any color on special order. The option of glow in the dark is also available for these plastic hooks.

Safety hooks are commonly used to suspend cables, but can also be used to organize cables in storage facilities. Here, cables are sorted neatly and systematically for ease of use, simplifying and streamlining workflow and stock take operations.

Cable Protection

Routing electrical cables neatly is quick and easy with CableSafe’s cable rail. This rail is quick and easy to install using screws or cable ties. It is made of non-conductive, high quality plastic in safety yellow. Cables simply clip in during installation and can be easily clipped out to uninstall. This also simplifies troubleshooting, since cable runs are easy to follow and highly visible.

In cases where cables and hoses must be routed across walkways and over vehicle crossings, the cable guard and cable bridge are the solutions of choice. The cable guard is able to withstand the weight of vehicle and forklifts driving over it while keeping cables safe. The cable bridge can suspend cables over driveways and walkways with enough clearance for forklifts and small trucks to cross through under it. Both the cable guard and cable bridge are lightweight and easily installed by one person, simplifying workflow and decreasing the number of people needed on site.

CableSafe Products Are Widely Used

CableSafe electrical safety gear is widely used and specified by various multinationals in a variety of industries, including refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installations. Their products are robust, reusable, reliable and easy to install. CableSafe products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and tested extensively under extreme conditions. This increases workplace safety and offers peace of mind to personnel and employers alike.

Serious About Safety

CableSafe is as serious about workplace safety as you are. Their products are reliable and widely used. To find out more about their innovative range of products, visit their website.