Storage and Warehousing

Warehousing and other storage solutions operate under tightly controlled conditions out of necessity. Here, moving vehicles, pedestrian traffic and heavy loads create a potential safety nightmare. For this reason, the use of warehouse safety equipment is absolutely essential. CableSafe offers a wide selection of safety equipment that is robust and easy to use – this should definitely be at the top of your warehouse safety equipment list. Specialty areas covered by CableSafe’s innovative product range include safety hooks and cable protection.

Safety Hooks

S shaped safety hooks, or s hooks, is an innovative cable suspension solution. Instead of using welding anodes and wire wraps to suspend cables and hoses during maintenance and installation procedure, damaging your cables in the process, simply hook an s hook onto a railing and loop your cable over it. It’s easy, simple and effective. These hooks are manufactured from the highest quality non-conductive plastic. They are robust, reusable and can be branded or made in any color, even glow in the dark.

S hooks are not just useful for suspending cables and hoses. They can also be used to hang other items, such as keys or clipboards that must be organized and easily accessible. S hooks have been widely used to organize cables in storage areas, streamlining work and stock take operations.

Cable Protection

CableSafe offers cable guards, cable rails, cable bridges and cable stands for both temporary and permanent cable protection. Where cables and hoses must be routed across walkways and areas with vehicle traffic, the cable guard is the product of choice. This high quality, durable product is lightweight and easy to install, yet is strong enough to withstand the force of a forklift crossing without damaging the cables it is meant to protect.

Cable bridges are used to route cables over walkways and driveways with sufficient clearance for a forklift to cross underneath it. When temporary cable suspension is required, such as would be the case during maintenance and construction operations, the cable stand is the product of choice.

Electrical cable installation and routing is simple and easy with the cable rail. This safety yellow product is easy to install using cable ties or screws, allowing electrical cables to snap into position. Here, troubleshooting is simplified, since cable runs are easy to follow.

CableSafe Products Are Widely Used

CableSafe products are robust, reliable and made from the highest quality materials. These products are easy to install and are specified for onsite use by multinationals across various industries, including refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installations.

Serious About Safety

CableSafe is as serious about workplace safety as you are. For more information on their innovative range of products, visit their website.