Harmonica Barrier


The Harmonica Barrier, also known as a temporary harmonica fence, is an excellent option for barricading construction sites or blocking access to areas for maintenance or cleaning. This product is designed for indoor use and can be set up straight, curved, or in a circle as needed. The barrier is 3.85 m long with 17 articulating panels, making it adjustable to fit a variety of spaces.

The Harmonica Barrier features two non-marking wheels for easy movement and four locking straps that secure the barrier in a closed position. It is also lightweight and has a compact footprint of 400 mm x 600 mm, making it easy to store when not in use. This construction barricade system is an effective and efficient way to ensure safety and security on your construction site.


  • Dimensions folded Harmonica Barrier: 400 mm long x 600 mm wide x 1000 mm high
  • Dimensions unfolded Harmonica Barrier: 3850 mm long x 600 mm wide x 1000 mm high
  • Weight Harmonica Barrier: 18 kg
  • Material Harmonica Barrier: Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Harmonica Barrier contains 17 panels
  • Harmonica Barriers contains 4 locking straps to secure barrier in closed position
  • Harmonica Barrier is usually used indoor
  • Harmonica Barrier ANSI compliant colour and graphics


  • Harmonica Barrier is deployed in seconds
  • Harmonica Barrier folds to a compact package for storage
  • Harmonica Barrier comes in bright yellow color for visibility
  • Harmonica Barrier is easy transport with wheels and handles
  • Harmonica Barrier is supplied completely assembled for immediate use

For easy and quick solution for closing off entrances, raceways or walkways.

The CableSafe Harmonica Barrier is the ideal tool to quickly and effectively barricade (potentially) dangerous places. They also take up little space when not in use.

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