Construction sites are constantly changing, ever moving working environments. For this reason, these sites are often fraught with hazards necessitating the use of construction safety equipment. CableSafe has a range of innovative and intuitive products to address these concerns, rendering the construction environment a safe workplace. These include cable protection, safety hooks, working at heights solutions and confined space safety.

CableSafe products are specified for use by various multinationals in a range of industries, including refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installations.

S Shaped Safety Hooks

CableSafe safety hooks, or S hooks, come in a variety of sizes, suitable for use with cables and hoses of any size. These durable plastic hooks are environmentally resistant and easily installed and uninstalled, ideal for both quick, temporary cable suspension and long-term use. S hooks are safety yellow as a standard, but can also be branded and made in a variety of colors on special order, including glow in the dark. S hooks are the safer alternative to the traditional welding anodes or wire wraps, which tend to damage cables and hoses, shortening their useful lifespan.

Cable Protection

CableSafe cable protection solutions include cable bridges, cable guards, cable rails and cable hooks. With this range of solutions, cables can be safely routed across walkways and vehicle crossings, over workspaces and along walls, wherever it is needed. These products are durable and easily installed and uninstalled, again ideal for both permanent and temporary installations. Since construction sites are permanently changing as the project progresses, this enables cables to be routed and rerouted to the areas where they are needed without the risk of cable damage and tripping and falling.

Working at Heights

CableSafe working at heights solutions are specifically aimed at dropped object prevention, which is one of the leading causes of injury on construction sites. Their products include prevention guard nets and guards, work mats, safety nets, self-closing safety gates, toe boards, toolboxes, fast deployable net barriers, certified tethered tools, tool tethers and lanyards, tethered toolkits, harmonica barriers and sharp edge protection.

These products also aid in access control and preventing accidental access. All CableSafe products are lightweight, reusable, durable and easy to install and uninstall.

Confined Space Safety

Confined space safety is often a headache for site managers. Here, personnel working in confined spaces must be protected while preventing unauthorized or accidental entry by other parties on site. CableSafe offers innovative solutions for this in the form of entry protection and barriers, covers nets, tripods and winches.

In Closing

CableSafe is as serious about workplace safety as you are. Their construction safety gear is aimed at keeping your employees safe and giving you peace of mind. To find out more, visit their website.