Petrochemical Companies and Oil Refineries

Petrochemical companies are large multinationals with extremely rigorous safety standards, as instituted by law in most countries. For this reason, petrochemical equipment and safety gear must adhere to stringent standards in order to guarantee workplace safety.

CableSafe offers a wide range of safety equipment for this market.

Safety Hooks

Safety hooks are used to suspend hoses and cables in industrial settings. During maintenance and construction processes, cables are temporarily installed in various places across the facility. To ensure safe working conditions, these cables should be suspended, preventing tripping and falling hazards and protecting the cables in the process. Traditionally, wrap ties and welding anodes were used for this purpose, but this damaged the cables and hoses and was cumbersome to install. The innovative alternative is CableSafe’s safety hooks, or S hooks, which are available in several sizes and colors. Safety hooks are usually manufactured in safety yellow, but are available in a range or other colors, including glow in the dark, upon special order. These can also be branded with the company’s logo. S hooks are easy to install and uninstall. They are also durable, non-conductive and chemically resistant.

Cable Safety

Cables are commonplace on oil refineries. These cables are usually costly and crucial to the proper functioning of the facility and should thus be properly protected. For permanent cable installations, CableSafe offers cable guards and cable rails. Here, cables and hoses can be safely routed across walkways and vehicle crossings while being protected by the cable guard. Cable rails are used to route electronic and electrical cables neatly and efficiently, improving housekeeping and simplifying troubleshooting in the event of an error.

For temporary cable installations, such as would be used during maintenance and construction operations, CableSafe offers cable bridges and cable stands. These suspend cables across walkways vehicle crossings safely and efficiently.

Confined Space Safety

Working in confined spaces is par for the course on oil refineries. CableSafe offers equipment preventing unauthorized and accidental entry to these spaces along with protection for

personnel that must perform work there. These include try protection and barriers, manhole covers, cover nets, signage and entry systems.

Dropped Object Prevention

Dropped objects are one of the main hazards on an oil refinery. Here, CableSafe has developed innovative products that streamline working procedures and offer peace of mind to personnel. Their products include guard nets, guards, work mats, safety nets, self-closing safety gates, toe boards, tool boxes, tethered tools and toolkits, harmonica barriers and sharp edge protection.

In Closing

All CableSafe products are durable, reusable and easy to install and uninstall. This equipment has been specified for use by large multinationals across various industries, with petrochemical companies being chief among them.