Each year over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributable to work-related falls. According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of deaths in the workplace. In addition to permanent injuries and lost lives caused by falls, businesses lose billions of dollarseach year from significant increases in insurance premiums, workers’ compensation claims, product liability costs, and other related expenses.

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Construction and maintenance

Construction and maintenance operations call for the use of industrial safety products that are not necessarily used every day on industrial sites.


Oil Well/Oilfield Companies

Facilities in the oil and gas industry are notorious for potential workplace hazards. For this reason, there is a large demand for safety equipment.


Petrochemical Companies and Oil Refineries

Petrochemical companies are large multinationals with extremely rigorous safety standards, as instituted by law in most countries. 



The mining industry is notorious for extreme workplace hazards. For this reason, innovations in mine safety are of the utmost importance. 



Manufacturing safety products vary as widely as the industry. In order to keep your employees safe, manufacturing supplies must be sourced from trusted, reputable sources.



Construction sites are constantly changing, ever moving working environments. For this reason, these sites are often fraught with hazards necessitating the use of  safety equipment.


Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors enter new worksites nearly daily. These worksites are ever changing, necessitating the constant routing and rerouting of electrical cables and hoses of various sizes.


Storage and Warehousing

Warehousing and other storage solutions operate under tightly controlled conditions out of necessity. Here, moving vehicles andpedestrian trafficcreate a potential safety nightmare.

Building an enduring culture of safety

Building an enduring culture of safety can be the most cost-effective and proven accident prevention process. Creating and internalizing this culture is the most successful way to minimize costly injuries and maintain a safer, more productive and engaged workforce. More information?

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