Dropped Objects Walkway Mat

To prevent objects from falling through the gaps in elevated gratings and to prevent slips, trips and falls.

CableSafe Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mat is a cost effective drop safety tool. The dropped objects prevention mat allows personnel to work on grating while protecting their tools and equipment from falling through the grating. Our Walkway Mat is designed for use in wet and slippery conditions. It also makes great dropped object prevention and protects your flooring or walkways from damage.

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When working at heights, dropping objects poses a significant safety hazard. Safety is especially important when working on elevated work areas where personnel or contractors are working underneath. Dropped objects are unfortunately a common contributor to severe accidents in industrial facilities.

CableSafe offers matting that is slip resistant as well as being resistant to oils, grease, acids and alkalis. You can be sure that your workers will be safe from slips, trips and falls as well as dropped objects when you install Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mats. Hard-wearing, slip-resistant matting perfect for commercial and industrial workplaces. Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway is heavy-duty slipresistant matting designed to prevent objects from falling through gratings. The mat’s diamond tread pattern provides superior traction underfoot, which not only helps to reduce the risk of people slipping but also helps to prevent equipment from falling.

Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway is impermeable to fluids and can withstand low temperatures without cracking or curling. The open grid also ensures excellent drainage, making it ideal for workplaces where spillages are likely, such as industrial environments, commercial workplaces and commercial food service areas.


  • Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mat is easy to cut on site
  • Certified slip resistant (DIN 51130: R11, ASTM 1677: 1.0/0.9)
  • Excellent drainage (DIN 51130: V10)
  • Fire resistant (EN ISO 13501-1:2007-Cfl-SI)
  • Chemical, oil and acid resistant
  • Contours to uneven surfaces
  • No special cleaning tools needed; easy to clean with a high pressure hose


  • Roll length available in two sizes: 5 / 10 m
  • Roll width available in three sizes: 60 / 91 / 122 cm
  • Roll height: 15 mm
  • Weight: 7.6kg/m2
  • Working temperature: between -23°C and +60°C


Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mats area available in a range of colors. This mat is flexible and lightweight. Flooring is an integral component of a dropped object prevention system, as it can prevent objects from slipping through gaps in walkways and falling to lower levels. The following colors and sizes are available:

  • Black (standard) made of recycled material available in two sizes: 5 / 10 m

  • Red or blue available in two sizes: 5 / 10 m

  • Black with yellow bands available in one size: 10 m


  • Diamond cut pattern
  • Two layer open-grid construction
  • Made from non-porous PVC
  • Proven anti-fatigue properties


Cablesafe® are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.

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