dropped objects prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention

Mitigating dropped object hazards and risks are important part of any safety program. Dropped object prevention is not just about tethering tools or securing objects at height, a holistic approach through training and awareness contributes to a safer working environment. But what are the risks of dropped objects? And how can you prevent dropped objects with dropped object prevention?

The accidental dropping of tools and equipment poses a very real risk to safety of workers operating at elevated heights.

It is therefore important offshore development sites have systems in place to reduce the occurrence of such incidents like dropped objects. Studies have shown that the impact of an object weighing less than three pounds can be fatal when dropped from a height of 30 feet or more. Dropped object are more dangerous than you might think. 

Objects known to frequently cause accidents are hand tools or equipment left behind after a task, as well as equipment mounted in an elevated location that has the potential to fall due to movement or environmental conditions.

CableSafe offers a broad array of dropped item prevention tools to protect employees from potentially harmful injuries and accidents in a wide range of working environments within industrial facilities.

Dropped Objects Prevention

Inter Collar

Dropped Objects Prevention

Adjustable Kick Plate

Dropped Objects Prevention

Fall Protection Safety Net

Dropped Objects Prevention

Fall Protection Harnesses & Accessories

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Safety Pouch

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Tower Net

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mat

Dropped Objects Prevention

Safety Net Roll

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Tool Tethering

Dropped Objects Prevention

Toe Board Protective Barrier

Dropped Objects Prevention

Self-Closing Safety Gate

Dropped Objects Prevention

Safety Net Fit-to-size

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Work Mat

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Guard Net


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A list of all our dropped objects prevention safety products.

Dropped Objects Walkway Mat

To prevent objects from falling through the gaps in elevated gratings and to prevent slips, trips and falls When working at heights. 

Tool Tethering

Suitable for all theatres of operations including Oil and gas, Telecommunications, Utilities, Construction these tested products offer an assurance for the safety for workers.

Our solutions for your safety

Cable Safety

Avoid slip trip and fall accidents by using cable safety solutions. 


Confined Space Safety

Confined space entry hazards are severe risks for personnel. Accidents with unauthorized confined space entries are often deadly.


Safety hooks

Safety Hooks are the tool to suspend cables, hoses and other work gear of the work floor during maintenance and/or installation works, which prevents slip, trip and fall accidents.


Dropped object eliminating

Eliminating the potential for dropped object accidents is an important part of any safety program. And while everyone knows dropped objects are dangerous, what might not be as obvious is just how dangerous they can be. According to Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS), an falling object that weighs less than three pounds if dropped from a height of 30 feet can be fatal.

Dropped objects also known as falling materials
“Is any object with the potential to cause death, injury or equipment/environmental damage which falls from its previous static position under its own weight”.

How bad is the impact? – The drops calculator / dropped object calculator is a mathematical model used for determining the potential harm a dropped object can cause. It shows that even a small object falling from a high distance can have a weighty and lethal impact. Find the drops calculator on the www.preventdrops.com website. Aside from the direct physical impact, secondary effects could range from minor injuries that require a simple medical treatment to traumatic fatalities; right down to environmental/equipment damages.  Some of which may amount to huge court fines. This makes the dropped object prevention so important.

Dropped objects / falling objects workplace

What keeps you awake at night? There are potentially millions of different answers to this question but in the industry we service, dropped objects, is still a big killer. There are thousands of items in different work areas that are considered drops hazards. For most companies with a proactive approach to dropped objects prevention, implementing a secondary retention system and safety securing mechanism are typically the easy solution. However, dropped objects prevention is more than just safety securing, it is just a small part of an overall dropped objects prevention program and education. Selling a solution is one but educating our customers is another. At Cablesafe, we design simple, practical and reasonably-priced products that our customers actually need. We design, engineer, and manufacture our products with the intention of solving not just a short-term concern but to collaborate and continue to learn from each other to mitigate every potential dropped object risk and hazard in the workplace.

What are the risks

The risk of an object dropping exists in more places than has been acknowledged but it is particularly higher in work at height areas, mostly found in drilling, chemical production and construction activities. Specific examples include:

  • Drilling/well rig platforms
  • Areas below lifting operations
  • Cranes
  • Elevated work areas or platforms such as aerial work platform (AWP), elevating work platform (EWP), or mobile elevating work platform
  • Work spaces where equipment is mounted overhead
  • Temporary/portable equipment
  • Vessels/barges
  • Pipe racks
  • Forklift trucks
  • Poor stacking of materials
  • Scaffolds


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