Manhole Skirt Barrier


Manhole Skirt Barrier restricts access to the manhole. A big advantage of the Manhole Skirt Barrier is that the safety barrier can be placed on non-round or non-square openings. This makes the Manhole Skirt Barrier more flexible over other manhole barriers. These Manhole Skirt Barriers are used by the largest oil and gas multinationals to secure their manholes during maintenance and installations proceedings. The Manhole Skirt Barrier is adjustable in length, is available in different sizes and prevents confined space entry. The protection barriers are made of robust materials. Besides that, the skirt barrier is easy to install. This safety barricading makes custom size possible and is produced in the Netherlands.


  • These manhole barriers operate effectively with openings made of metal, wood, masonry / brick, polycarbonate / rubber / plastic.
  • The Manhole Skirt Barrier is very robust and can withstand extreme weather and chemical conditions.
  • The Manhole Skirt Barrier works excellently in all openings made of different materials (metal, wood, masonry, brick, polycarbonate, rubber, plastic, etc.)
  • Manhole Skirt Barrier is made of aluminum with a high quality powder coating and 3M reflective tape.
  • The Manhole Skirt Barrier can be adjusted in size using M16 adjustable foot with plastic swivel base with ball joint.
  • The rubber feet of the manhole entry make sure the Manhole Skirt Barrier remains firmly in place and will not harm other material.
  • Manhole Skirt Barrier is 100% recyclable. This makes the manhole barrier sustainable.


  • Provide OSHA required warnings with Manhole Skirt Barrier
  • Halt unauthorized entry with Manhole Skirt Barrier
  • Manhole Skirt Barrier is easy to use / easy to install
  • Manhole Skirt Barrier is ultra durable
  • Mahole Skirt Barrier is a guard against weather & debris
  • Manhole Skirt Barrier is a manhole protection system

Signs & Sizes

Manhole Skirt Barrier is supplied with a safety sign. We have three different options. Sign 2 is available in NL (Dutch), FR (French), GB (English), ESP (Spanish) and IT (Italian)

Available sizes
Sign 15 cm round reflective

  • 25-45 cm
  • 45-64 cm

Sign 20 cm round reflective

  • 64-83 cm
  • 83-112 cm
  • 112-141 cm
  • 141-170 cm
  • 170-200 cm

Lock Optional

Locks can be provided on request for easy handling and/or locking of the confined space protection barrier. Available with Lockout Tagout.

How Not To Do It

CableSafe Confined Space Safety products significantly reduce accidents in confined spaces. According to OSHA, confined space work is one of the leading causes for occupational fatalities in the U.S.

We see that in some cases alternative solutions are chosen (see image below). Unofficial / improvised solutions are never as good and reliable as CableSafe Confined Space Safety products. We would always recommend the use of official Confined Space products for confined space safety like protection barriers.


The safety of personnel is of utmost importance. That is why it is crucial to use manhole barriers. Here you can read about some common questions about our Manhole Skirt Barrier and their answers .

Why a manhole?
The main purpose of having a manhole is for access to sewers, boilers etc. These are usually left as manholes so as to be able to access it next time or when needed. A manhole in space of work can be utterly dangerous, and can lead to many unwanted accidents, that is why there are many types of manhole barricades.

Why use a manhole barrier?
A manhole entry can be found on the wall, floor or other surfaces. This raises a lot of concern for employee safety. An entrance barrier can work as a manhole gate which can help to warn, signal and keep out unauthorized workers. On top of this, these barriers need to be sturdy so that they cannot easily be displaced.

Why the Manhole Skirt Barrier?
An entry barrier for a manhole should be robust. What makes our manhole skirt barrier so unique is the fact that is can be used in non-round and non-square manhole openings. It is different from a man-way cross barrier for example as it can be extended according to the size of the manhole and can be used for multiple kinds of surfaces. Whether the surface is wood, rubber or metal this manhole skirt barrier can be used and without damage. Used in mainly oil and gas industries, this manhole skirt barrier is available in different sizes and is easy to install.

Skirt barrier to restrict access of manhole

Manhole Skirt Barrier restricts access to the manhole. The Manhole Skirt Barrier is ideal for securing the entrance / exit of large storage facilities, tanks or pipes.

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    Cablesafe® are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.

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