Self-Closing Safety gates

Self-Closing Safety gates

When working on elevated walkways or platforms, the danger exists of accidentally falling down a ladder opening, off a working platform of from a pedestrian area. In order to mitigate this risk, CableSafe has designed and manufactured an innovative self-closing industrial safety gate.


Industrial Safety Gate Closes Under Gravity

This safety gate does not rely on springs, dampers, cams or operators to properly close it. Instead, it uses gravity, swinging shut automatically and completely, every time that it is opened. Easy installation allows this gate to be installed to hinge from the left of the right. The self-closing double-bar gate exceeds the requirements set out in the EU ISO 14122-3 standard. It is also TUV tested.

Industrial Safety Gate is Corrosion Resistant

The older generation drop-down or flip-over gate has the risk of becoming a dropped object as it wears and corrodes. This new generation double-bar self-closing industrial safety gate required no maintenance at all and is corrosion resistant, thus it does not run the risk of becoming a dropped object.

Features that make the self-closing industrial safety gate unique, completely reliable and safe include:

  • Gravity powered – it will close every time, without fail
  • Operational under all conditions
  • Reliable
  • Able to withstand an impact of 180kg (400lbs) at ambient temperatures and extreme temperatures as low as -46°C (-51°F)
  • Excellent for outdoor use
  • Can support heavy loads around the clock
  • Material will not discolor or degrade
  • Tensile strength will not diminish, even after nine months of UV exposure in Arizona and Florida
  • Available in four different sizes. Sizes are specified according to the opening between posts (mm / inch)
  • Fully compliant with OSHA and ISO requirements

The double-bar self-closing industrial safety gate is maintenance free, since it is corrosion resistant and functions with PTFE bearings, which are wear-resistant. It is also lightweight and economical, being less expensive than its steel equivalent. Delivery is available from inventory, thus there is no lead time when ordering. In safety-yellow, this gate is highly visible and constructed rigidly.

Industrial Safety Gate is Used in Various Applications

CableSafe’s double-bar self-closing safety gate is successfully used in wind parks, specifically to improve the safety on ladders and openings. Regulations also specify the use of industrial safety gates on rooftops or elevated working platforms higher than 500mm off the ground. Here, installation of an access ladder requires a gap in the protective railing along the edge of the platform.

Roof hatch openings are another application for safety gates. Roof hatches must be surrounded by a protective guard rail. Here, a safety gate would allow personnel to safety enter and exit the area. Safety gates help demarcate safe walking areas. A pedestrian walking through a safety gate would know that they are crossing the boundary between safe and potentially unsafe walking areas. This is simply an additional level of awareness in order to improve the facility’s safety culture. The same is true for permanent means of access to dangerous working areas. Here, a judiciously installed safety gate would prevent accidental access to an area where personnel could accidentally be trapped between moving parts, leading to severe injury or even death.

CableSafe is serious about worker safety. The innovative self-closing industrial safety gate is another product aimed at improving personnel safety in industrial settings.