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Confined Space Entry Systems

CableSafe confined space entry systems for quick entry in confined spaces. It includes all the equipment that allows easy overhead access into and retrieval of personnel and material from confined spaces areas.

Total confined space entry system

The CableSafe confined space entry system is designed for quick vertical entry into confined spaces below. The lifting / lowering transfer system is crucial equipment to transfer personnel and material into / from confined spaces underneath. It is ideal for entry below e.g. decks, gratings, or in manholes underground.

Fall protection in combination with the high quality confined space entry systems are basic solutions for entering confined spaces. The systems are designed in three different parts: an arm, a mast and a base (or pedestal). The system is lightweight and is installed by one employee. The system is easy to transport and install on different sites and is therefore ideal for employees having to visit multiple worksites.

All the systems have a maximum load capacity of 163 kg. The system is totally modular and can be adapted to every situation. Specific modifications can be made on request.

Confined Space Entry Systems1

Davit arm

The Davit arm has a reach of 610 mm; this can be extended with a mast. The arm has a secondary block adapter for fall protection and retrieval which allows easy access to confined spaces. The Davit arm weights approximately 15 kg.

Self-retracting lifeline Manhole Entry

To complete the davit system with a self-retracting lifeline or a winch. Maximum load is 164 kg

Alternative Total Confined Safety Systems

Available upon request

Confined Space Entry Manhole Guard

Large portable manhole guard with integrated mast which is used in conjunction with the 24˝ (610 mm) davit arm for confined spaces fall protection and retrieval. It is 42˝ H x 52˝ W x 52˝ D (1067mm H x 965mm W x 965mm D). Comes with adjustable feet for simple leveling of system. Unit weight 44 lb ( 20kg ).


Cablesafe® are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.


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Cablesafe is here to provide you with more information, answer and questions you may have and create an effective solution for your safety needs.

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Cablesafe is here to provide you with more information, answer and questions you may have and create an effective solution for your safety needs.