Cable Rail

Workplace hazards are aplenty, this includes small cables scattered on work areas which may cause tripping and may potentially lead to an accident. Cable Rail is one of CableSafe’s cable management product which help mitigate tripping hazards. The unique reverse hook arrangement allows cables to be quickly and easily loaded and locked into a row and held tight between two Cable Rail units. The Cable Rail should ideally be spaced 2-4 meters apart. Cable Rail can be directly surface-mounted with two screws or attached to poles and columns with its cable tie features.

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Cable Rail is the perfect solution for handling and managing cables safely. The cable rail is moulded in a durable nylon (PA) thermoplastic polymer. It is robust enough to withstand the most challenging environment whilst providing an economical solution to industrial cable safety and management. This solution is currently adapted by a variety of industrial facilities across different industries globally to reduce and mitigate trip hazards.

Many multinational oil and gas companies have required the use of cable rail and safety hooks to conform with its safety and housekeeping procedures. CableSafe Cable Rail systems and CableSafe Safety Hooks make a perfect combination for enhanced and safe operations.


  • Dimensions: 245 mm long  x 75 mm wide  x 10 mm thick
  • Weigh: 85 gr
  • Material: Nylon (PA)
  • Non-conductive
  • Cable Rail holds up to  5 standard 110v or 240v cables


  • Cable Rail is produced in bright yellow safety awareness color
  • Cable Rail is suitable for outdoor use
  • Cable Rail can be placed horizontally or vertically
  • Cable Rail is easy to install with screws or cable ties
  • Easy 3-step cable loading


Cablesafe® are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.

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