Even though traditional methods like chains, bars and sliding link tubes have been used to ensure the safe access and egress to rooftops from ladders, the potential hazard still exist as these methods depend upon correct usage and therefore aren’t reliable. Organizations and employers look out for best mechanism which will provide secure working conditions and ensure the safety of individuals who are exposed to potential hazard while working at heights. Among these mechanisms and techniques to ensure safety, the most eminent one is self-closing safety gates, which is a reliable alternative to traditional safety methods. Self-closing safety gates are spring loaded, therefore it automatically closes behind the user and maintains a safe barrier to protect people. The automatic closing of the door reduces the potential of human error that are commonly related to the incorrect usage of traditional safety methods.

As mentioned earlier, self-closing safety gates are preferred solution to the traditional safety mechanisms because the replacement of chains and bars are dependent upon individuals and even if it is replaced correctly the entire void is not filled effectively, leading to an inappropriate barrier system. Apart from being the best option for safety and security, it is easy to install as well as easy to adjust with any new or existing structures. The self-closing gates are designed in such a manner that no measurements are required before purchase, as they can be cut down and adjusted to fit the on-site openings. Since the gates are used as barriers to prevent unintended egress, they undergo extensive tests of durability and reliability to ensure that they are corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Regardless of how much weight is exerted on the gate, it does no bend, twist or beak. The self-closing industrial safety gates are considered ideal for elevated platforms because it provides permanent protection to its user, as soon as the worker passes through the gap the door instantly closes behind, eliminating the risk and ensuring permanent safety.

Another reason to use self-closing safety doors is that it is compliant with HSE safety measures and regulations and certified for assured and safe operation. In light of increased workplace fatalities recorded by HSE, self-closing gates are highly recommended to minimize accidents and save lives. Moreover, it ensures employers peace of mind that employees are safe and secure because this system is human proof and not prone to any human error. Automatic closure of the door ensures that no external individual enters work-zone and impose any threat to workplace or machinery. Safety gates like self-closing swing gate are cost-effective and simple safety solution because installation and adjustment of gate is a one-time investment and there is no requirement of cleaning and maintenance. All in all, these certain reasons contribute in understanding the rationale behind using the self-closing safety gates.

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