The mining industry is not without its dangers, and workers need to be conscious of safety tips regarding mining that could save their lives. Although there are sectors with higher accident rates, mining accidents are much more likely to be serious than those suffered by private-industry employees as a whole. The following health and safety tips for mining can help make the environment safer for those concerned.

     i.         Respiratory Safety

It’s important to look after the lungs while operating in or near mines. Dust is one of the major risks of mining. For decades, there have been people who would get ‘black lungs’ when they worked in coal mines or other related fields. If appropriate, the dust related activities shall be absolutely removed. If the danger of dust is inevitable, the mining company should assess the particular requirements of each scenario and provide adequate protective gear to ensure the safety and health of the mining business.

     ii.         Potential Risk Communication

When there is a danger in the area, it is essential that people know about it. In order to ensure that everyone is aware of any potential hazards, the mining company should focus on improving the communication of hazards across the workplace. Visual danger awareness, such as warning signs, safety markers and even more, is an important way for staff to be aware of possible dangers ahead. The gases and chemicals present in a mine shaft can be highly dangerous, so it is particularly necessary to stay in accordance with federal and local regulations.

   iii.         Whole Body Vibration

Any worker who uses heavy machinery is at risk of whole body vibration (WBV). Repeated use of machinery or operating machinery in uncomfortable positions can contribute to WBV. WBV is a major threat, and protective precautions should be placed in order to keep employees safe. Regular breaks must be provided for those operating heavy equipment, as well as training, so that staff are aware of the risks and can flag them early before any damage is incurred.

   iv.         Noise Protection

Mines are noisy areas with resonating equipment and drilling to create a very loud working environment. Overexposure of high levels of noise for a prolonged period of time can cause injury to staff such as tinnitus, concentration problems and even deafness. Regular servicing of equipment can help to minimize noise levels and all staff should be provided with adequate PPE along with health and safety instructions to protect themselves from noise.

There are also more things you can do to help improve mining safety and health at the workplace. Through following good safety procedures at the workplace, you can continue to eliminate the possible injuries caused through neglect.

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