When it comes to workplace injuries and death, slip trip and falls is the most underestimated cause. One of the leading causes of workplace injuries and accidents are trip and fall. It can lead to minor bruises to severe injuries (trauma, head injury, sprains, fractured bones and slits).

As per OSHA findings, slip and fall accidents comprise 25% of workplace injuries, 17% of disabling injuries and 15% of all accidental deaths. Organizations should follow trip control measures to avoid any slip trip and fall accidents. Here we enlist some tips to prevent accidents and remove trip hazards at the workplace

Identify the hazards

The first step is to identify the potential cause of accidents. It could be irregular floor surfaces, wet floors, poor lights, trailing cables, broken hand railing or any other trip hazard.

Employee Training and Input

Employees should be properly trained to avoid any accident. Encourage your workers to not just avoid dangers but also provide suggestions and tips to prevent accidents.

Proper Signage

One of our simple tips to prevent falls is proper signage. It comes under fall prevention measures to avoid accidents. Signage might indicate “wet floor”, “trip hazard” or “construction area” etc. The signage must be in big fonts and should be easily visible.

Appropriate Equipment and tools

Provide your workers with quality and up-to-date equipment and tools. Many fall accidents occur due to worn equipment. Thus, regular inspection of the equipment and tools is a very effective fall prevention measure. Equipment and tools include harnesses, lanyards, D-rings, ladders, vehicles etc.

Good and frequent Housekeeping

It is critical to keep workplaces neat and clean. No matter what business you own, cleaning is a basic step to avoid accidents. It reduces the chances of slipping on greasy, wet, or oily surfaces. Substandard housekeeping practices will not only deteriorate your workplace but can also lead to injury and accidents. Hire a recognized janitorial service if you cannot maintain the housekeeping effectively.

Manage wires and cords

Managing wires and cords is a prime concern when it comes to trip control measures. There must be organized wires and cords for devices, internet, and phones. Try to keep them away from the hallways and make them hide under carpets or direct them through the walls.

Proper Illumination

Proper lighting is among the simple tips to prevent falls and trips. The walkways, ramps, basements, parking lots, construction areas, and staircases must have enough light to avoid any accidents.

Remove trip hazards

Inspect the workplace thoroughly and look for clutters, holes, obstacles in staircases, walkways, storerooms, basements, parking lot etc. Make it a common practice to close cabinet drawers after use. Don’t place heavy boxes and things over the aisles and shelves.

Dropped Objects Prevention

Toe Board Protective Barrier

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Tool Tethering

Cable Safety

Cable Bridge

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