Cable safe climb provides complete protection to the worker climbing the fixed ladder or a tower. It is used to provide 100% fall protection and protecting workers in unexpected situations as their hand or foot might slip off a ladder rung or step bolt.

Tower climbing gear is made by a large number of manufacturers in different styles, forms, colours, sizes and materials. However, here are some essentials that are a requirement for climbing especially for the beginners.

Tower Climbing Safety Course

To know about the basics of equipment and knowledge, training for climbing safety course is important.

Body Harnesses

Body Harness is a basic tool that is used to protect the worker in case of fall. It helps to distribute the fall forces over the large area of the body. It ensures the worker remains in an upright position and has freedom of movement so he can perform his/her job. A full-body harness usually includes hip, chest, shoulder and back and chest D-rings. Make sure you understand the purpose, procedure and constraints of all D-rings on the harness.

Positioning and Self-Retracting Lanyard

A positioning lanyard is normally a cord or strap that is sewn in a loop that is supposed to be worn around the neck and has a clip/hook attached. It is a type of cable safe climb system that supports the employee on a higher upright surface, for example, a wall or pole. This makes them easy to work while leaning. It ties the worker to an anchor point in front of their body. Self-retracting lanyard is a major component of Tower Climbing Gear. It is made of nylon webbing and is normally available in 3 to 6-foot lengths. Its purpose is to absorb shock and serve as a fall arrest device to decelerate the distance and stop a fall as it begins.

Safety hat

Safety hat though not a compulsion but is very effective to lessen the chances and impacts of the striking head against an object. Helmets with chin straps are another option as their chance of falling off is low.


A carabiner is a metal loop with a screwed gate that immediately connects the components in cable safe climb systems. They hold freely running lope and provide a connection point in the loop.

Bolt bag

A bolt or tool bag is needed to carry the tools you need to carry up the tower or ladder with you. For quick reach to your tools, use a heavy canvas style bag with easy attachments to your harness or carabineer.

Carrier Sleeves

Climbing can be physically exhausting. Carrier sleeves will help you carry a water bottle. Advanced carrier sleeves now have scanners as well to scan the important documents.

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Tool Tethering

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Safety Pouch

Cable Safety

Safety Hook Light

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