Colarinho Inter


The Inter collar toe board is designed to be a low protective barrier and is easy to install with clips. The inter collar toe board can protect any edge openings and is designed in 4 standard sizes. The advantage for using the inter collar toe board is cost savings because grated openings can be finished with a toe board directly. Inter collar is cost effective and can be reused at different locations. The toe board Inter collar is a kick plates which does not only reduce turnaround time for engineering and design, it will reduce installation time constructing the grated floors and railings, especially performing after work. The toe board Inter collar is easily installed with clips.



  • Strong solid design, opening reinforced
  • Saves time and money
  • Fast to install and safe in use
  • No maintenance or hot work permit
  • Durable and reusable product
  • All weather use [indoor, outdoor, onshore /offshore]
  • Non-corrosive – color yellow RAL 1004
  • Design in accordance NEN-EN-ISO 14122
  • Toxicity in fire is LC 13 in accordance with the LC50 testing method



  • Dropped object protected
  • Solid re-usable toe board NO openings

Widespread succes

  • Standard sizes universal design
  • New design based on heavy industrial experience
  • Used in many different applications
  • The recommended tool for heavy industrial usage

Dimensions and layouts

Toe board Intercollar universal applied toeboard is available in 4 standard sizes. Determine the dimension of the pipe ᴓ (incl. insulation). The recommended clearance between collar and the pipe should be at least 25 mm (or 1 inch). Extenders are available for larger diameter piping, or to host multiple piping structures.

Pipe ᴓ determines which toe board kick plate size you need


  • Installed with clips on grated steel floor
  • No need for welding
  • Fast installation by hand


This is what Occupational Safety and Health Administation (OSHA) provides as guidance on Guarding of Edges: 1917.112(d): Toeboards; Toeboards shall be provided when employees below could be exposed to falling objects such as tools. Toeboards shall be at least 3½ inches (8.9 cm) in height from top edge to floor level, and be capable of withstanding a force of 50 pounds (222 N) applied in any direction. Drainage clearance under toeboards is permitted. Toe Board Inter Collar is with its strong design suitable for heavy industries.

CableSafe® Inter collar toe board protects openings on platforms when there is a risk of dropped objects and tools falling from height, accidents happen when employees kick against a tool that slides off the edge to the work area below.

Inter collar is designed be installed in situations where a new pipe is being installed or when the grating it is easy to reach from the bottom.

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    • Produtos em conformidade com a OSHA
    • Especialistas em Protecção contra a Queda
    • Soluções Práticas


Cablesafe® são desenvolvidos para as indústrias pesadas tendo a segurança como a sua maior prioridade. As inovações da Cablesafe Safety provaram a sua utilidade para indústrias como; refinarias, instalações químicas, construção naval, instalações eléctricas e nucleares. Empregados e empreiteiros estão convencidos de que os utilizadores de produtos de segurança Cablesafe® são utilizadores de produtos de segurança. Algumas multinacionais prescrevem a utilização da Cablesafe nos procedimentos da própria empresa para aderir às mais elevadas práticas de segurança.

Simplicidade em segurança

Ganchos de Segurança, Segurança de Cabos, Segurança de Espaço Confinado e Prevenção de Objectos Deixados cair.

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