Toe Board

Objects dropped from height pose a significant risk in industrial settings. This is one of the leading causes of serious injuries and even fatalities. In order to mitigate this risk, CableSafe has designed an innovative toe board protective barrier, manufactured from high quality plastic instead of the traditional steel.


Toe Board Prevents Objects Being Kicked Off Platform

The CableSafe toe board, also known as a kick plate, is a low protective barrier designed to prevent objects such as tools, nuts and bolts from accidentally being kicked off walkways and elevated work areas, especially where pipes must pass through the grating from which the platform is constructed.

Installation toe board

Installation is simple, quick and easy and does not require a hot work permit. The toe board units are attached to the platform grating from the top side, using nuts and bolts which are fastened by hand. Removal of this kick plate is equally quick and simple. The process of both installation and removal are up to four times faster than the equivalent operation for steel toe boards. Unlike with steel toe board installations, no scaffolding is required when installing the CableSafe toe board.

Toe Board is Versatile

There is virtually no limit to the size of the opening for which the CableSafe toe board can be used. As the size of the opening increases, so does the number of toe board units. These toe board units can also be installed around openings of irregular shape, since the toe board is modular. For irregularly shaped openings, the orientation of the toe board units towards each other can be adjusted. Used in this manner, the CableSafe toe board is able to neatly enclose field cut penetrations.

The bright yellow color improves visibility and awareness, improving the safety mentality of personnel working in the area. CableSafe toe boards also have a neat, uniform appearance, improving the visual aspect of housekeeping in the facility. This design is tried and trusted, having been in use in various industrial facilities for the past twenty year. It is specified for use by many multi-national industrial companies and recommended by engineering and construction firms.

Toe Board Improves Safety

CableSafe toe boards can also be used to decrease the free space between the platform grid and the lowest guard rail, preventing the passage of a body through this space. This would further increase worker safety. This toe board complies with the DROPS handbook’s recommended best practice guidelines, having the dimensions required for kick boards.

CableSafe is serious about worker safety. For this reason, they design and manufacture high-quality, innovative products aimed specifically at improving workplace safety. Every personnel member deserves to go home at the end of a shift as safely as they arrived at the beginning of the shift.