Safety Nets

Safety Nets

Objects dropped from heights pose a serious risk to personnel, causing severe injuries and even fatalities. This is especially true for heavy industries, such as offshore drilling for oil. Objects dropped from heights are listed as one of the top ten causes of injuries and deaths on offshore oil rigs


Dropped Object Prevention Nets Prevent Equipment from Falling

Often, objects falling from heights are not dropped by personnel working on elevated platforms, but are equipment, or components of equipment, installed in elevated positions, that have become dislodged or untethered due to wear and corrosion. In order to mitigate this risk, CableSafe has designed and manufactured innovative dropped object prevention nets, also known as secondary retention nets.

These prevention nets are installed over objects prone to corrosion or wear from vibration in order to safely secure the object and all its components, should corrosion or wear dislodge the primary fixture keeping it in place. The principle is that, should the primary retention method of this object fail, the secondary retention mechanism or dropped object prevention net, would be in place as a failsafe, protecting personnel and equipment situated below the item in question.

Dropped Object Prevention Nets are Suitable for Onshore and Offshore Use

CableSafe dropped object prevention nets are designed for onshore and offshore use. They are suitable for unclosing and tethering the following types of installations:

  • Overhead fixtures such as lights, beacons, speakers, self-retracting lifelines, CCT’s, anodes, and pipe clamps.
  • Equipment installed above personnel or other critical equipment.
  • Fixtures on mobile equipment, such as crane booms, derricks, drill rigs, draglines and shovels.
  • Fixtures in potential impact zones of mobile equipment.
  • Fixtures and mountings likely to be exposed to fatigue and wear from vibration.
  • Fixtures prone to galvanic corrosion and oxidation.
  • Fixtures located in areas that are difficult to reach for the purpose of regular maintenance and inspection.

Here, the dropped object prevention net completely encloses the item in question. This prevention net would be properly secured to a structural attachment point using a carabiner hook, offering complete peace of mind to all personnel working in the vicinity. Installation is quick, simple and easy.

Enhanced Features of the Dropped Object Prevention Nets

The dropped object prevention nets are manufactured from high grade stainless steel compliant with AISI316, which is the material of choice for use in marine environments. This material is corrosion resistant and has a greater resistance to pitting than other grades of steel.

Other aspects that render the dropped object prevention nets of exceptionally high quality include:

  • Designed and tested to function at as much as five times the product Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures of up to 500°C
  • Capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures, as low as -40°C
  • Able to retain most fixture mounting brackets, as long as the Safe Working Load (SWL) is not exceeded
  • All wire and component are manufactured from SUS/AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Available for a wide range of fixtures. Common designs are also available

CableSafe is serious about worker safety. Every personnel member deserves to go home at the end of a shift as safely as they arrived at the start of the shift. For this reason, CableSafe designs and manufactures the highest quality innovative products aimed at increasing the safety rating of any facility on which it is deployed.