Prevention Work Mat

Prevention Work Mat

Dropped objects are unfortunately a common cause of serious injuries and even fatalities in workplaces where elevated work stations are commonplace. It is important to mitigate this hazard, since every employee deserves to go home at the end of each shift as safely as they arrived at the start of the shift.


Dropped Object Prevention Mat Prevent Bearings from Falling Through Grids

Situations where working at heights are common include normal operation and maintenance on onshore and offshore oil rigs, normal operation on construction sites and work on wind parks (specifically wind turbine installation and maintenance), to name but a few. In these situations, elevated work platforms are usually made of metal gratings, where it is easy for small objects, such as metal bearings and spanners, to fall through into the working areas below. In order to mitigate this safety hazard, CableSafe designed a dropped object prevention mat.

Dropped Object Prevention Mat Can Be Placed on Platform Grid

This dropped object prevention mat can be placed on a grating on an elevated work station. Here, personnel working at heights can safely place their tools on this mat while getting on with the job at hand. Personnel and contractors working or moving past underneath this elevated work station will be safe from the danger posed by dropped objects. The CableSafe dropped object prevention mat has been successfully used in wind park projects, wind turbine installation and maintenance operations.

Dropped Object Prevention Mat is Easy to Use

Installation is quick and easy in one of two options: elastic banded hooks that clip onto the grating, or secured to the grating using fourteen strong magnets. Each magnet has a strength of 84N and is sewn into the hem of the dropped object prevention mat. Both the elastic banded hooks and the magnets secure the mat to the grating in such a manner that it does not pose a tripping hazard and that it will not be blown away in windy conditions.This mat is manufactured from the highest quality German fabric and has a secure and durable reinforced hem in safety yellow. If needed, this dropped object prevention mat is also available in flame retardant or flame resistant versions.

Here, the dropped object prevention mat would be manufactured from durable polyester mesh, treated with a flame retardant coating. This strong mesh has a tear strength of 330N, compliant with DIN53363. The flame resistant option is manufactured from polyurethane with a double coating of fibreglass. This coated fabric is able to resist temperatures of up to 550°C. Both of these options are available with either elastic banded hooks or magnets for easy installation.

This dropped object prevention mat is lightweight and can easily be carried and installed by one person. It is so light and easy to use that a person can, in fact, carry multiple dropped object prevention mats for installation next to each other, where a larger work area is needed on an elevated platform. This ensures peace of mind for both the personnel working on an elevated platform and the personnel working or passing by underneath the platform.

CableSafe takes safety seriously and strives to design and manufacture innovative products that are of the highest quality, improving the safety rating of any facility where these products are deployed.