Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover

Manhole cover dimensions:

24″    (60.96 cm)
25.5″ (64,77 cm)
28″    (71.12 cm)
32″    (81.28 cm)
36″    (91.44 cm)
38″    (96.52 cm)

24″ x 36″ (60,96 x 91,44 cm)
30″ x 48″ (76,20 x 121,92 cm)


Manhole Cover Safety

Preventing Fall-In Accidents

The CableSafe Manhole Covers provide fall-in protection while performing various functions with a manhole or handhole lid removed.

Featured on both the manhole and handhole temporary covers are
openings along the edge large enough to accommodate cables
that extend out of the hole, and two hand openings for easy
transport, placement and removal.

Often splicing crews working inside splicing trailers beside a
manhole need to provide additional fall-in protection from the
public as well as the crew members themselves.

This yellow manhole cover provides a fall-in protection while performing activities around an open manhole or handhole.

Supports up to 140 kilograms (appr. 308 lbs.).