Certified Tether Tools

If you are working on height it is your legal requirement to prevent objects falling, not simply to minimise damage if they do. Dropped tools are a major cause of workplace injury and even fatalities. The tether is certified and tested technology to tether and secure your existing tools in every day use.

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Information about the tether:

  1. Certified and statistically fail-safe
  2. Holds up to 550 kg
  3. Individually traceable and easily inspected
  4. Fits in 5 minutes
  5. Exceeds industry standards
  6. Compatible with new and current tools

Dropped object prevention – tether my own tools:

  1. Will the nylon rope and tape hold my tools weight in a fall?
  2. Will a key ring or cable tie break under the load?
  3. Has it been rate tested and certified to hold the load?
  4. How do you tether a tool when a hole isn’t provided e.g. pliers?
  5. If I drill through my own tool will I compromise the integrity of the tool, do I know where to drill and will it cause a guillotine effect?
  6. How many different systems do I need to use to solve all tool tethering problems?


Cablesafe® are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.

Simplicity in safety

Safety Hooks, Cable Safety, Confined Space Safety & Dropped Object Prevention.

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