Cable Stand

Cable Stand

Maintenance and cleaning poses temporary risks on the work floor, since areas that are normally dry and traffic free are suddenly inundated with traffic and water. During maintenance operations, the need often arises to have power supply present in areas where it would otherwise not be needed. In these cases, it is usually unsafe for cables to be routed along the ground. The CableSafe cable stand is specifically designed to temporarily suspend cables off the work floor in areas where maintenance and cleaning operations are to be performed.


Using a Cable Stand Keeps Cables Safe

Routing cables across the floor without proper cable protection exposes them to damage from pedestrian and vehicle traffic and damage from water and other liquids. This arrangement also poses a safety risk to personnel working in the area in the form of tripping and falling. Temporarily suspending cables using a cable stand allows for maintenance and cleaning to be done safely and efficiently. The cables are protected from water and other liquids, eliminating the risk of electrocution. Cables are also out of the way of pedestrian traffic, eliminating the risk of tripping and falling. Cable stands could also be used when welding in wet areas in a ship yard, since cables usually needed in specific areas for short periods of time, after which they are to be moved to the next location.

Cable Stands are Adjustable

CableSafe Cable Stand can carry a weight of up to 250kg (550lbs). This weight could be made up of eight electrical leads or two hoses. CableSafe cable stands can be adjusted to the height that suits your specific application, up to a maximum of 2.5 meters. This allows adequate clearance for vehicles such as forklifts and smaller trucks. Decreasing the height of the cable stand allows for use in confined spaces, as would be found in mining applications.

The cable stand is powder coated in a bright yellow, increasing visibility. It weighs 15kg is thus light enough to be carried by one person. CableSafe cable stands are mobile and can be moved around as needed. Installation is easy and simple and does not require any equipment. Simply place the cable stand in the desired position, extend the pole to the desired height and hook the cables onto the lead grip at the top of the cable. When using the CableSafe cable stand outdoors in windy conditions, sand bags can be used to secure the base of the stand, reducing the risk of the cable stand toppling over. This base consists of three rods in a tripod configuration, rendering it stable on uneven surfaces for increased safety.

Heavy Duty Cable Stand is Available

The standard cable stand is not necessarily suitable for heavy-duty applications. CableSafe is able to customize cable stands for special heavy-duty applications. Specifications for these are as follows:

  • Maximum load 150 – 500kg
  • Light enough for one person to carry (25 – 30kg)
  • Reinforced with extra weights for stability as needed

CableSafe is able to meet your specific need with either the standard cable stand or a custom made offer specifically for your application.