Cable Rail

Cable Rail

Routing smaller cables in an industrial environment is often a nightmare for a housekeeping and safety point of view. When not routed properly using a cable rail, these cables pose a risk of tripping and falling and, since they are usually electrical in nature, a risk of electrocution. Each of these risks could have severe consequences for personnel working in the area and for the company’s safety ratings. Under these circumstances, these cables are also easily damaged, increasing the frequency with which cables are to be repaired and replaced, which has a negative impact on expenses.


CableSafe Cable Rail System is Suitable for Use in Harsh Environments

CableSafe designed an innovative new cable rail system specifically aimed at solving this problem in harsh industrial and manufacturing environments. These cable rails enable personnel to route cables in a safe and logical manner, out of the way of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and other factors that could damage the cables, such as fluids and severe temperatures.

Cable Rail is Easy to Install

The CableSafe cable rail system is easy to use and install, enabling the routing of cables both horizontally and vertically. Manufactured from durable Nylon (PA) thermoplastic polymer in safety yellow, the cable rail is highly visible, non-conductive and suitable for use in chemically and thermally harsh environments as well as outdoors. Due to careful management of manufacturing costs, it remains economical enough for widespread use in any industrial or manufacturing facility. The CableSafe cable rail’s intuitive three-point hook system is designed to hold cables safely and securely without causing any damage to the cable. Cables are also logically organized, simplifying maintenance, troubleshooting, replacing of cables and decommissioning.

CableSafe cable rails can be mounted on walls or other flat surfaces using two screws, or mounted on railings along walkways using two cable ties. Once securely in place, smaller cables are simply locked on to the cable rail by hand, using the unique, secure three-pronged approach. Installation of cables on to the cable rail is simple, easy and takes mere seconds. Decommissioning is equally quick and easy and will damage neither the cable nor the cable rail. Ideally, CableSafe cable rail units should be installed between two and four meters apart to properly and securely suspend cables and keep the cable run looking neat. Cable rail units are 245mm long, 75mm wide, 10mm thick and weighs a lightweight 85 grams. These units can hold a maximum of five 110V or 240V cables each. CableSafe cable rail units are also small enough to install multiple units end-to-end in applications where large numbers cables are to be routed along the same path.

Using a Cable Rail Improves Housekeeping

With its positive effect on housekeeping and company and contractor safety ratings, the CableSafe cable rail system has become a standard component specified for use on the plants of many multinational oil and gas companies. Using this technology in your facility is guaranteed to increase your housekeeping and safety rating as well.