Partnership with Dron & Dickson

This partnership with Dron & Dickson is one of the few partnerships we are truly grateful for and wouldn’t have happened without our business development and customer service team’s collective efforts. As the world braces itself amid this global pandemic, with many industries facing unprecedented economic struggles, we are not spared. However, I believe that this is the best time to invest in new product solutions, build strategic partnerships, continue to solidify relationship with our customers and grow our brand through selective distribution. The United Kingdom is a very important market for us, with Dron & Dickson, we know we are in the right hands. Their reputation speaks for itself. I trust that offering our solutions through Dron & Dickson’s vast network will provide their customers with simple, practical, cost-effective and quality products that can mitigate workplace risks such as trips, slips, falls, dropped objects and enhance confined space safety. On behalf of the Cablesafe team, I am very excited about this partnership and for what’s in store for both companies!

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