How to ‘tackle’ trips

Trips are often caused by uneven floor surfaces and obstacles, or trip hazards. These can be prevented by design and good housekeeping regimes. Keeping the workplace clean and organized is the clear prevention message in this chapter. Are there any trip hazards in corridors and walkways or in the entire industrial work environment? Think of tripping hazards such as cables, tools, hoses, boxes, pallets, or other objects that could cause a potential tripping accident. Removing these hazards can be done by tying them up next to the walkways, or re.routing these items away from the walk spaces.

Quick solutions to remove hazardous obstructions from the work floor vary, from tie.wraps, steel wires, welding anodes and ‘S’ shaped safety hooks. Cablesafe hooks are a simple product designed to suspend hoses, wires, cables and ropes. “Standard hooks are used by most of the major oil and gas companies, and enable employees to adhere to their housekeeping and safety policies. According to Westmark, these hooks do not conduct electricity and are heat resistant; the hooks are designed to improve safety on the work floor and allow for decent object and cable protection against wear and tear. Keeping walkways and work areas free of dangerous obstructions is key to safety and good housekeeping.