An elevated work platform refers to a device that provides access to the worker to inaccessible heights, which includes any scaffold, suspended scaffold, mobile platform, cradle, trestle, gantry, gangway, and stairway. Work platforms aid the workers to get where they need to be. Elevated Work Platforms are used in different work environments and industries such as high-power maintenance lines, washing windows, or firefighting.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) are mobile items or equipment designed to facilitate people working at height. The design consists of a working platform on an extended structure and chassis. MEWPs can be divided into two groups, namely Group A and Group B.

Group A MEWPs include Scissor Lifts, which stay inside the tipping line and moves vertically. Meanwhile, Group B MEWPs are primarily Boom Lifts which are quite different from Group A’s Scissor Lifts because they can extend a hydraulic arm beyond the chassis and outside the tipping lines.

Types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Based on their movement within each group, there are three types of MEWPs. The first type of MEWPs can only be used when they are in a stowed position. The second type can travel even if the work platform has elevated. However, the movement is controlled from a point on the chassis. The third type is also pretty similar to the second type & the only major difference is that the controls are located inside the work platform, not on the chassis.

Dropped Objects Prevention

Self-Closing Safety Gate

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Walkway Mat

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch

Dropped Objects Prevention

Safety Net Roll

Elevated Work Platform Requirements

Working at height is one of the major causes of fatalities and injuries to workers. If necessary precautions are not taken, then the person may succumb to fatal injuries. It is the responsibility of Employers to make sure that the work is supervised, planned, and carried out by people with competent skills. Factors that should be taken into account are the height of the task, duration of it, frequency, and condition of the surface. Before working at elevated positions, these requirements should be fulfilled:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for operation and maintenance.
  • The platform should be checked before each shift.
  • Overall frame condition should be checked.
  • Ensure equipment is suitable and strong enough for the job.
  • Instead of working off ladders, preference must be given to work off the scaffoldings.


Elevated Work Platform Hazards

A systematic approach should be taken to minimize the risks and hazards at your workplace. Common hazards related to Elevated Work Platforms (EWP’s) include:

  • Dropped or Falling objects on the worker.
  • Weather hazards.
  • Unstable ground.
  • Working around overhead structures or bridges.
  • Working around traffic.

Safety Precautions for Elevated Work Platforms

Before working on a MEWP, elevated work platform safety procedures must be followed. These safety procedures have been determined by OSHA for elevated work platforms. Below are some of the significant points you should include in your elevated work platform inspection checklist:

  • The vehicle must be placed in a firm and stable position.
  • A safety harness should be worn & guardrails must be installed across the cradle.
  • Overloading should be avoided & the use of equipment should be limited to trained and authorized staff only.

If your workers are working at height most of the time, then you can look for elevated work platforms for hire instead of putting your investment in buying them. It makes it efficient and easier for you to replace an elevated work platform if it is not working.


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