Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch


The Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch is a 100% waterproof case that fits your mobile phone perfectly. It protects against mud, water, snow and dust. The well thought-out design with transparent PVC also ensures that the phone can be used normally. The phone pouch is practical, safe and easy to handle.

Our Phone Pouch can of course also be used to store your pocket camera, documents or keys when working at height.

Phone pouch

Mobile phones remain one of the most commonly dropped objects. Dropped objects can lead to severe injuries or fatalities during construction work and are known as one of the “Fatal Four” causes of construction deaths. The CableSafe Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch overcomes this issue in one swoop. Especially from a height, when objects are dropped the force of gravity causes the object to gain speed and momentum, which means that the fall of even a small object such as a phone can have serious consequences.

The phone pouch is a protective case that will fit all the most commonly used mobile phones. The case’s clear ‘soft touch’ cover allows the touch screen functionality to be retained. Other features ensure there is no compromise in clarity of hearing and it is carefully designed to accommodate the camera of all popular smartphone brands.


The Phone Pouch is large enough to fit small phones as well as the larger phones on the market.

  • Length: 20.5cm
  • width: 11cm

When extended from the hip, it hangs next to the legs around the calf region.

The pouch comes with a sturdy extendable cable with two attachments. The cable is attached to the pouch by one metal attachment and the other metal attachment can be secured to the belt loop, backpack or coat.


A Very Handy Tool
The Phone Pouch isn’t only protective but also a very handy tool. It can be used as a means to keep in constant communication with your crew while on the job, ensuring that everyone is reachable at any given moment, without the risk of losing or dropping their phones.

Durability against Weather Conditions
Another quality the Phone Pouch posesses is its’ durability against many weather conditions. It’s water resistancy helps to protect your phone against rain, hail and snow. It is also protective against wind as it has sturdy metal attachments and a robust cable which allows it to hold its position.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our Phone Pouch.

Why a Phone Pouch?
There are a wide variety of industries for which this item could be handy. Especially for workers who work from high above, there are a lot of dropped objects risks. In order to make the workplace as secure as possible, we have decided to create this product to reduce unnecessary injuries and accidents. It is also a handy item if you want to safely stay in touch with your workers and colleagues. It is also weather resistant, which makes it ideal if you are working outside.

What is the difference with other phone covers and pouches?
This is the first phone pouch on the market that is designed for construction type environments. While other pouches are usually a part of a harness or simply have a thicker outer layer, our Phone Pouch has the advantage of being attachable to either a belt loop, backpack or coat, while also being protective. This way the phone is always within your reach, never gets lost and is protected from falls and weather conditions.

Secure your mobile phone when working at height with Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch.

A unique product on the market. Use this industrial Phone Pouch when working high above and in any weather condition, extended from your belt, backpack or coat. Keep in touch with your workers and colleagues, without the drop risk.

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