A ladder mount cable safe climb system is used to provide optimum fall protection and keep a worker’s free fall to a minimum if the worker’s hand or foot slips off a ladder rung or step bolt during shifting the elevation to a new work position.

In contrast to cage systems that often promote a false sense of security, a vertical lifeline can stop a fall if a worker slips while climbing a ladder. As of 19th November 2018, the newly built vertical access ladders of 24 feet or more will be needed to have a personal fall safety system built on the basis of the OSHA Regulations, dated July 2017. Common ladder mount cable safe climb system applications include towers, billboards, commercial buildings, utility, solar panels, and wind turbines. Most of the industrial units installed permanent mounted ladders in order to access roof for maintenance works by employees and contractors. In case, the fixed ladder is installed on the exterior of the building, OSHA mandates a lockout system at the ladder base to prevent untrained or unauthorized persons from climbing the ladder.

The most popular safety climbing system

It is important to remember that the ladder climbing system is built to restrict the movement of the worker when climbing the ladder. The front “O” ring on a full body harness is not intended to distribute the impact forces resulting in fall arrest from height. ANSI standard A14.3 identified this fact and restricted the maximum distance between the cable grab and the worker’s harness to 9”. A variety of great cable safe climb systems are available to choose from. The design of fall arrest system should allow hands free movement by letting the cable grab to pass smoothly over intermediate wire guides and should immediately locks in the event of a fall. The most popular safety climbing system in use today is a steel cable or wire rope that is connected to a tower or other communication structure at regular intervals to the climbing route.

A ladder fall protection system

A ladder fall protection system, better known as the ladder mount cable safe climb system, is pre-installed on a tower and features a cable attached to the ladder. The cable grab attached to the sternal D-ring can be used to move up and down the ladder with ease. In case of fall event, the cable safety sleeve will lock onto the cable and arrest the fall immediately. The Tuf-Tug Fixed Ladder Cable Safe Climb System includes all necessary components required for fixed ladder configurations of common tower heights. The Tuf-Tug fixed ladder cable safe climb system kit includes stainless steel cable that is designed and cut to the chosen length along with a heavy duty upright mounting bracket for solid rung ladders, ladder mounting cable guides, impact attenuator head assembly, tension adjustable base anchor brace, eye bolt, and cable clips.

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