Construction sites are deemed to be one of the most significant as well as perilous places. Abundant with risk, there are numerous injuries and fatalities that can occur at these sites. The primary reason behind this is the nature of work performed on it and the sort of equipment used there. Access Control Systems have been a breakthrough to deal with this and many other issues; including restrictions, productivity, attendance, and identification. Access Control at Construction sites is believed to be one of the best contributors to overall safety and promotion of secure project sites. It helps to mitigate almost all the risks associated with unauthorized site access. Without proper access control, stakeholders might increase the risk of non-compliance, incidents, vandalism and theft.

How is access to site control?

Site Access can be controlled by defining boundaries and employing suitable fencing at construction sites. Normally, it helps to regulate access and egress to construction site in order to make sure that unauthorized people are excluded. Construction sites usually adopt Perimeter Security Measures to generate a primary boundary for controlling access. Like Hoarding, which is a temporary construction to deter people for gaining access to any danger or unauthorized zone. In addition to Security fencing, Turnstiles or security gates and guards are used, which comprises of electronic access control systems (ACS). PIN codes, Magnetic identity cards, Proximity tokens, Biometric devices are examples of ACS which helps to facilitate access to work positions. These technologies assess worker’s eligibility to certain area at construction site effectively, by eliminating any human error that is generally related to human access control mechanisms. Apart from that, maintaining emergency access to the site, ensuring phased construction maintains, displaying services isolation points and designing construction sequences ascertains that access to construction sites is managed and controlled.

What ensures the safety of the construction workers?

Access Control measures are designed to corroborate the safety of all the stakeholders in general and of workers in particular. Safety of workers is ensured when ACS let authorized and trusted individuals inside and keep others out of site. In case of emergency, access control systems can ensure the wellbeing of workers like, for example, fail safe locks make sure that employees exit in case of any fire or power cuts. Maintaining access routes and displaying services isolation points provides a secure access to working individuals, helping them to consciously ignore hazardous areas of existing structures. Accidents caused by unsafe access like falls from height, contact with moving vehicles, struck by moving plant or machinery, struck by falling objects can be avoided by deploying access control systems at construction areas.

A secure environment at construction site is necessary to keep workers, assets and data safe, therefore, access control is the way to go. Construction companies leverage numerous access safety measure to cater to a range of security and safety concerns. The physical and technological access control systems are known to appreciable course of action to ensure safety of the construction workers.


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