5 Channel Cable Guard


5 Channel Cable Guards reduces the risk of electric shock when cables and hoses are exposed to outside elements. 5 channel cable protectors are an ideal safety tool to prevent slips, trips and falls. The lightweight 5 channel guards are designed for intensive use. CableSafe® 5 Channel Heavy Duty Cable Protectors are the most cost effective solution for heavy duty cable shields designed to protect with high quality materials.

5 Channel Cable Guards are the required safety tool to prevent these accidents and will allow continued safe passage. Cable Guards create a trip free walkway which reduces slips, trips and falls accidents from clusters of cables and hoses. Cable Guards provide protection against outdoor elements. The Cable Guards are cost-effective and specially designed for heavy duty usage with quality materials. The Cable Guards have a 2 year warranty under normal operating conditions.


  • Polyurethane: Lightweight design for heavy duty use. Lighter, stronger and more durable than comparable products
  • Uses hinged lid to make adding/changing cables very quick and easy
  • Very low profile design decreases trip risk significantly compared to other higher profile products
  • Identical size allows progressive upgrade for existing customers.
  • Connecting System: integrated male-female allowing Cable Guards to any length desired
  • Patented 5 bar tread surface provides maximum traction for the Heavy Duty Cable Guards
  • Inbuilt carry handle makes the Heavy Duty Cable Guards easy to carry one Cable Guard in each hand
  • Heavy Duty Cable Guards are cost-effective
  • Heavy Duty Cable Guards have a 2 year warranty

Corner Pieces

CableSafe Heavy Duty Cable Guards go straight. Corners can be made with our special corner pieces. Corner pieces are made of rubber and ensure that the Cable Guard can make turns both left and right.

Used by

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Cablesafe® products are developed for the heavy industries with safety as its highest priority. Cablesafe Safety innovations have proven its usefulness for industries such as; refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installation. Employees and contractors are convinced users of Cablesafe Safety Products. Some multinationals prescribe the use of Cablesafe in own company procedures to adhere to the highest safety practices.


  • Material: Non conductive, UV stabilised Polyurethane
  • Dimensions (MM):  (l) 900 mm x (w) 500 mm (h) x 50 mm
  • Weight: 9,8 kg (40% lighter then rubber versions)
  • Channel dimensions:
    • 4 channels: (w) 34 mm x (h) 36 mm
    • 1 center: (w) 40 mm x (h) 36 mm
  • Weight loading NATA laboratory tested per tire for 5 minutes: 6T
  • Five channel Cable Guard

    • OSHA Compliant Products
    • Fall Protection Specialists
    • Practical Solutions

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